Saturday, May 07, 2005


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Over the last few years the use of grasses as a design motif has exploded. I like the form, color and texture of this one.


Nam LaMore said...

the colors are so vivid. i bet they are spectacular in real life. it's a type of new zealand flax, isn't it? i can't be sure, but i think that's what my neighbor calls them (he's a transplant from down under).

mquest said...

They could be in the New Zealand family. I can not remember the name of this grass.
I will keep an eye out for the name. I call it flame grass.

Phormium tenax AKA New Zealand Flax is currently the hot plant in Southern California. All new housing tracts and all commercial developments are planting them.
It should be interesting to see how good of an idea it is to use them. Most of them will get 8-10 feet tall and wide. I am not sure the developers are aware of that fact. They do make great specimen plants and are all bronze in color. For the last few years they have been hard to find in the retail store sas all plants go directly to the developers.

I wish I could go a few years into the future and see if they will date a community to a specific time. In Southern California I am able to tell the age of most residential tracts by the types of trees that are planted along the curb by the city.