Monday, February 28, 2005

It is not that early.

A little after 6am at the coffee shop. The two college girls dressed in pajamas take pictures of themselves. I am sure that this is part of the grand college experience. I wish I could sleep in as late as they did.

A glimpse of her soul:

Every time she opens her mouth her lack of education becomes apparent.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

And now a word from our sponsors

Blogger ate my last post. I believe it was destroyed under the provisions of the Patriot Act.

Hero's without songs:

The crossing guard

The protest against protests

(Fiction) The black helicopter flew over head. The men in suits stood on the roof top. Cameras ready. The police cars and riot police were staged a few blocks away. The media milled around shooting the shit. The front page of a news paper blew down the empty street. No one would attend a protest against protests.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The rumble of spring in California

If the weather is clear the rumble of Harley's will fill the morning air.

One of the more important indexes for market prediction is

Durable Good- what is so durable about them? The crap is made cheaply. It forces the consumer to buy another one sooner than later.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Thompson Shot Himself While on Phone

Hotel Rwanda

Dave over at the The Big Lowitzki's Random Ravings recently watched Hotel Rwanda and has been pondering the subject of genocide and what we can do about stopping it. Swing by his his Blog and take a look.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The bathroom epic:

Some one has spent a fair amount of time writing an epic in the bathroom stall.
47 words dedicated to his muse and not once did he correctly spell the word “whore”.

Bloging as a healthy lifestyle:

My friends and family have all pointed out that I am calmer now that I have this blog.
I guess sitting in front of this computer does have some healthy benefits.

Palm reading the hand does not lie

Her hair is cut and colored in a hip trendy way. Her clothes are trendy and fit her nicely. Her makeup is thicker than most. Her face and style do not reveal her age. She is ageless. Her hands spotted and blotched reveal more than she wants.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Thompson's Ashes May Be Shot From Cannon

He went out with a bang. Now he wants another bang.

Kerouac's 'On the Road' Manuscript Unfurled

The legend behind the writing of Jack Kerouac's On the Road is well known, if not entirely accurate. Fueled by inspiration, coffee and Benzedrine, Kerouac sat down at his typewriter and -- in one burst of creative energy -- wrote the novel that would make him the voice of his generation in just 20 days, typing it out on a single, 120-foot-long scroll.
Kerouac actually spent much more time laying the groundwork for his novel than that creation myth suggests, but the part about the giant scroll manuscript is true. Now for the first time, the unfurled scroll has gone on display at the University of Iowa Museum of Art in Iowa City. It will travel next to the Las Vegas Public Library

I would like to take a look at this manuscript. Sometime last year I went back and reread On The Road again. It still holds up rather nicely. I was struck by the migrant worker romance section. It was sad and pathetic yet so griping.

I used to joke that everyone that I knew that picked up On The Road would skip town and never be seen again. Sometimes the truth is funny. I wonder how many young lives have been dramatically changed by this book.

Does anyone know if there are any good biographical books on Neil Cassady? Niel always fascinated me. I find it amazing that he was able to become an icon in two separate generations.

One ring to rule them all:

The phone rings. The ring is distinctive and unique. Everyone in the crowded room reaches for their cell phone.

To the Volkswagen driver

Your car is not a time machine you will not arrive at your destination before you leave your house.

I did not catch that muse: Vol 1

“I saw a dirty faced kid in a garbage can”- Van Halen
I have never been able to get a visual on this lyric. Is it a dirty white boy or a racial slur?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

In its own pace:

He stands on the corner. He keeps hitting the walk button. Just between you and me- I do not think the light is going to change quicker.

Monday, February 21, 2005


I have decided that I deserve a free laptop. Please send me your personal information so I can sell it to a mass market advertiser.
Thank you your help is appreciated.


A double dog dare

A few years back the issue of flag burning became a hot topic. People starting wearing shirts with the words “I dare you to burn this shirt off my back” with a poorly colored picture of a flag under it.

I always wondered what my defense would be. “But Judge he dared me to do it.”

Hunter S. Thompson

Will they do an autopsy?
I would like to see what drugs he had in his system.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Is there a name for the type of tattoo that the young girls are getting on their lower backs.

I am going with:

A the target
B the spittoon
C tramp stamp

U.S. to Syria: Probe Hariri Killing or Face Sanctions

Let me get this straight we can pick up a Canadian at JFK airport and send him to Syria through Jorden for the sole purpose of torture. (link) (link) (link) Yet- we want to break all ties with Syria because they are an evil regime? Who will we outsource torture to?
We need to probe why we send people to other countries for torture.

Jackson wave from hospital room sends fans into a frenzy

Michael Jackson waved his signature V-sign out of a window, sending adoring fans into a frenzy outside the California hospital where the embattled pop star is being treated.

Does he really still have fans? Is the egomaniac hiring people to stand out side the court house and hospital to wave and cheer? Is Court TV paying shills to hang out as extras on the television set. Jackson can not have that many fans.

The deep well of ink

The pen is mighty than the sword. That is why the administration paid commentators to push its agenda.

Feds Warned About Fake News Videos

From The Propaganda Remix Project Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Stuck in the middle again

Is there really a culture that eats cheese and drinks wine or is it just a romantic myth?

They must be constipated all the time.

Salty yet not Good:

She quickly dashes into the store on her way home from the gym. Her tight workout clothes fit her well toned body perfectly. Do you think she knows her ass sweats in an unflattering way?

A tourist in Southern California:

The whole family wears matching t-shirts. My stomach churns.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Air guitar god

I used to see him on my morning commute. He always stood at the bus stop playing air guitar. He had all the moves. He was a air guitar god. He rocked with out a care in the world. He jumped, danced and rocked as if the song would never end, One day I saw him across the street from his normal space and he was playing drums. Then one day he was gone.

A question for Yoda-

Why does the person on the phone get better service than the people waiting in line?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Contact Freedom:

We have ended oppression by the Iraqi government.

Oppression will now be part of a government contract given to one of Bush's friends and economic contributors.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Someone yelled across my neighborhood:

“Spare the rod I am going home to kill my kid”

Kicked out of the club

there are few things more pathetic then a unfaded dark black Iron Maiden shirt.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

As I talk to her :

I wonder if her dark glasses cloud her ability to think clearly.

The habit of waiting

I see him often at the coffee house. I have heard that he lives in his car and is writing a book. He looks like Ted Nugent. They could be twins. He is always working hard at getting lung cancer.

I bet Hemingway occasionally put down his smoke and picked up a pen when visiting the 1920's Paris cafe's.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Am I the only one that thinks Paul McCartney looks like a Muppet?
All Hail the great Muppet.

The loss of cabin pressure:

Every time I open my cupboard something falls out. I hope this is not a metaphor for my life.

A Valentine Note: Crappy chocolate a perilous trail

Somewhere on the bottom rung of hell you will find Russell Stover and the creator of Whitman's cholocate.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

They really said it in front of me # 106

He said: “This summer I want to F#@& one of every race- a chocolate, a Vietnamese, a Hindu, a Jew.”

I stop him and point out that he is mixing races and religions. He does not understand. I do not even bother to correct the other faults in his statement.

(yes-this a true story)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Comfort Zone

Good literature is a comfortable place. We focus on what we like. It may be a genre, a style, specific author or a time period. How often do we leave our reading comfort zone?

Friday, February 11, 2005

A Kali-fornia-ism

Her teeth are white. I would guess that she spent a lot of time and money on getting them that white. Highlighted by her well tanned skin they glisten in the sun.

Sadly, no one has told her about the drop of mustard that sits on her chin.

Tom Sizemore is a idiot-

Last month (JAN05) Sizemore had requested permission from the courts to go to Cambodia to shoot a new film. Baretto had agreed, on the condition that he undergo and pass a drug test every day prior to his departure.
According to the City Attorney, Sizemore failed the test on the very first day.
Meanwhile, Deputy City Attorney ROBERT CHA has told news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE that officials recovered what appears to be a prosthetic penis attached to a pair of Sizemore's underwear with a plastic container filled with clean urine.

He makes an agreement with the judge then fails the test on the first day. I will let someone else make jokes about the prosthetic penis . . .

Playwright Arthur Miller Dies at 89


Slow cooking

Yesterday I pulled out the slow cooker. I make the same mistake every time. I add enough beans to fill the pot and then add way to many ingredients on top of the beans. Will I ever learn?

House approves electronic ID cards

Another portion of the bill says that states would be required to link their DMV databases if they wished to receive federal funds. Among the information that must be shared: All data fields printed on drivers' licenses and identification cards, and complete drivers' histories, including motor vehicle violations, suspensions and points on licenses.
The Bush administration threw its weight behind the Real ID Act, which has been derided by some conservative and civil liberties groups as tantamount to a national ID card.

Big brother wants to watch. If all states share this information in a databases it is a national ID card.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I have a question. Claim adjuster. (Mercury Insurance)

In my area there is a Business that is always hiring. They require a college degree and actively recruit of the local college campus. Why are they always hiring? Mercury Insurance is a large insurance company that has a recognizable name. To me it seems that their turnover must be extremely high. But, why? The pay is decent.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom on this type of job or company.

I wonder:

Why do the same people that say the U.N. Is worthless always make the claim that the U.S. Is the U.N. Because we fund it?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Well, at Least He Won't Be Fathering More Fans...

A Welsh rugby fan cut off his own testicles to celebrate Wales beating England at rugby, the Daily Mirror reported Tuesday.

I hope this becomes a trend.

Slang Symbol of New Diversity

Fancy some Jesus and his brothers, or a ride in a g-string? And why is it that abantu abu baie bane kwal'nge-cherry?

Hailed by its fans as a symbol of the country's diversity 11 years after the end of apartheid, "scamto" has become the language of choice for South Africa's black urban youth and its first exhaustive guide is due out next month.
"It's real, it's raw, and it captures the diversity and confidence of the new South Africa," said 24-year-old advertising executive Lebo Motshegoa from Soweto, the author of "Township Talk: The People, the Language, the Culture."
The great thing about language is that it is not static. It grows and evolves. It becomes new. It dies.
Jesus and his brothers means J&B whisky, while riding a g-string means driving a BMW. Black Label beer became tomato and then Red Bull -- nothing to do with the energy drink
How does riding a g-string become driving a BMW?

The Juicer

Today I pulled out the old juicer. I really like making and drinking juice. The way I see it there are two main drawbacks to Juicing. The cost of fruits and vegetables and the amount of time it takes to clean out the juicer when I am done with it.

A supermarket in California

She stands at the front of the line. Her groceries have all been bagged. She is having trouble writing her check. She can not see very well. If only she did not wear her sunglasses into the store.

One of my favorite poems by Allen Ginsberg is A Supermarket in California

The Idiot

He waits for a parking space oblivious to the fact that he is blocking traffic. Does he not see all the open parking spaces a few feet away.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

From the files of it did not really happen-

I went to the wishing well to wish for spare change and came back with two dollars and fifty cents.

The strange bed time rituals

To keep Mquest Jr in his bedroom we have been forced to put up two baby gates one on top of the other. The strange thing is that while he hates the baby gates, he demands that they be put up as part of his bed time ritual.

Cell Phone Public Service Announcement #1

To the ass weaving in and out of traffic while yapping on the phone-
Perhaps you would drive better with that Cell phone shoved up your ass.

The money pit Administration

Mr Bush I thought you were a conservative. Stop spending all my money.

Monday, February 07, 2005

What a long strange trip its been-

What a long strange trip its been-

First we saw Bob Weir play at HOB. It was a great show. I am amazed at how small of a venue HOB Anaheim is. Bob looked healthy and the band played well.
(set list)

After a few hours of sleep. We packed up and took off for a night in the local mountains with the family and my parents. Most of the snow had melted But, we found a small patch of snow for Mquest jr to play in. He picked up a few new words this weekend including “snow” and “cold”. He had a lot of fun but he really wanted to leave and return to his own home. He kept repeating “I By By” over and over. We did not have a big struggle getting him to sleep. We thought It would be much worse. But, he was rather tiered and fell asleep rather quickly. Perhaps we can spend the night out again?

As we were leaving the weather started to change. I think we might of missed some fresh snow.

Through my windshield

The beat up truck is billowing black smoke from its tail pipe. The torn and faded bumper sticker says “live better / work union”

Friday, February 04, 2005


Bob Weir with his band Ratdog tonight at the House of Blues Anaheim.

New Bed

Who knew that transferring Mquest Jr. from the crib to a new bed would be so stressful.

Friday's Feast

Appetizer - If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?
A beagle. I would have mystical super powers. I would sleep on top of my dog house all day. I would be a chick magnet. I would live life by a series of scents.

Soup - What does the color purple make you think of?
Royalty. Flowers. Fragrance. Purple Haze.

Salad - Approximately how long does it take you to get ready each morning?
10 min once I am out of bed. 12 min if I stop to make and drink a cup of coffee.

Main Course - How many cousins do you have, and are you close to them?
Never counted. Math is to hard. I only talk to one on a regular basis.

Dessert - Take your initials (first, middle, last) and come up with something else those letters could stand for. (Example: SFO = Sweet Funny Otter)
No. I think I will skip dessert this week.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

What they said. What I thought.

A co worker said to me:
“It was so foggy that I had to drive with my high-beams on.”
I thought:
If Darwin was correct this idiot will be planted in the ground soon.

Overheard tidbit

She turned to him and said: “I do not date Republicans- They do not believe in alcohol-are closet alcoholics and are afraid to experiment in bed with anything other than pain.”

The odd thing was that the female seemed to young to have such insight.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Feb 2

Happy Birthday James Joyce

What history can teach us-

Found by me at
Original link

PETER GROSE, NY TIMES, SEP 4, 1967 -- United States officials were surprised and heartened today at the size of turnout in South Vietnam's presidential election despite a Vietcong terrorist campaign to disrupt the voting. According to reports from Saigon, 83 per cent of the 5.85 million registered voters cast their ballots yesterday. Many of them risked reprisals threatened by the Vietcong. The size of the popular vote and the inability of the Vietcong to destroy the election machinery were the two salient facts in a preliminary assessment of the national election based on the incomplete returns reaching here. ... A successful election has long been seen as the keystone in President Johnson's policy of encouraging the growth of constitutional processes in South Vietnam

Desperate Housewives

Do you have a lawyer on retainer? Did it come with the cell phone plan?

To the soccer mom in her oversized SUV that ran the red light and did not notice because she was yapping on the phone-
Your oversized- overweight vehicle is a deadly weapon. Your lack of attention while driving a deadly weapon is stunning. Farther down the road- could your careless carefree driving be cause for a murder trial?

Cold Muffins

Why does Starbucks not offer to warm my muffin? They will do anything I want to my drink. They will offer to leave room for cream. They will shake my drink. They will play cool music while I wait for them to “hand craft my drink”. They will smile at me and call me by name. But, they do not offer to warm my muffin. WHY?