Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Originally uploaded by mquest foto.

I could not resist snapping this shot


Nam LaMore said...

holy cow, batman! we did the post almost at the same time! indeed, the universe is sending us a sign, and now we need an interpreter/translator!

mquest said...

Babble Fish? The Hitchhikers Guide? Tea leaf reading? So what is your next photo project?

Nam LaMore said...

i'm not entirely sure yet, i need to get a working camera first. a couple of topics that appeal to me:

* cracks on sidewalks, streets, walls, etc. i sense there is a mystery to be solved in these cracks.

* canned food ailes at the grocery stores. i always get a kick at how the cans are arranged (no, they are not all arranged in nice, neat rows).

i'll have to save up for a new digital camera!

mquest said...

I would love to get a digital SLR cannon . . . . But, I am poor. Someday. The dream still lives.