Saturday, March 26, 2005

Breaking news Terri Schiavo-- can speak – but can she roll over and play dead?

Now her parents are claiming that she can speak. Who knew that her family would turn their daughter and our elected officials into a group of circus animals. It is amazing that a group of elected officials could watch a few minutes of a video tape and become instantaneously become doctors. To bad the “party of life” decided to ignore the court system and listen to a pair of loony parents. Most of America is smart enough to see that this publicity stunt gone wrong. Her parents are starting to hear voices while a select few think we should ignore years of medical advice and years of court rulings. I will leave the whole “party of life” joke for others to Blog about.

If this keeps up Terri will be a canonized saint by Easter Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Terri Schiavo may be brain damaged, but you are brain DEAD!!!

In the end you and the other members of the party of DEATH are still and always will be the LOSERS..

Your hate is eating you alive..

mquest said...

Dear anonymous- Is cutting medical care a “Party of life” thing. Is starting wars for lies a “Party of life” thing? Is the death penalty a “Party of life” thing? Is killing prisoners a a “Party of life” thing? Is cutting social benefits a “Party of life” thing?
I celebrate life.

Irina Tsukerman said...

I celebrate folding this case up already, for better or for worse. I'm sick of it already.

MajQa' said...

This woman's brain has liquefied and all that remains is a working brain stem.

I think it is pretty far-fetched that being in such a state of existence for 15 years that, even if she were sentient, she would desire to live another 50 years entombed in this manner. Republicans, evidently, seem to see the situation differently.

Jack's Shack said...


That is an insightful comment. Nothing in this case celebrates life. She is being used by people who don't care about her who would never have stopped to pick her up off the street who are interested now because it suits them.