Thursday, March 24, 2005

Big steps:

we went to an open house at one of the many preschools in the area. We are not planning sending Mquest Jr to preschool until next fall but apparently it is open house season in the world of preschools.
A few notes:
The parking sucked but were told it was not a problem because the classes all start at different times. Not sure I believe them.

Nice playground lined with a bed of Heliotropes. I have always been under the impression that they are a poisonous plant.

10-12 children per classes

Thomas train set- Mquest JR found it quickly. But, Preschool should be about something other than Thomas the tank engine and I am sure that is what he will focus on.

Nice teachers and staff. But, I am sure that they were all on their best behavior.
Nice big playground fenced in but tons of doorways for the children to open and escape from

two different classes for different age preschool students

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