Thursday, April 28, 2005

Work ethos-

Some people live and die by the sword. I think I will hangout by the coffee pot and watch the action.


Nelly said...

Your blog has started to affect the way I think. I find I am thinking in vignettes!

Nam LaMore said...

i would really love to hear more about the story behind this post. i'm curious as to the reference. i understand that the work environment is a dog-eat-dog world, but i think that's a very american corporate culture. i've been thinkng more about this issue of late, and how it has shaped my personality. i don't like this part of my personality, and am currently doing sometime to correct this mishap.

Nam LaMore said...

btw: have i told you how much i love clicking on your 'view my complete profile'?

ok, that's my attempt at sarcasm .. it's been awhile since i practiced it.

mquest said...

Nam LaMore -As far a sarcasm goes-- it was a good comment. The profile was something I always meant to come back to. In the next week I will make a attempt to put something on the profile page. One of the things that has stopped me from doing it is that my “profile” is shown through my individual blog posts. I guess that is pretty lame statement but it holds some form of truth. I will work on it. But- do not expect much.

The work place is often open warfare. You can let it suck you in or you can enjoy the ride. In this particular instance the warfare had been building to epic levels. Pressure was on everyone. It was a relief to watch it explode. The 2 main causes facing off and having the focus shift up the later to them.

“Ethos” was picked to show “The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement” The original tittle was going to be “work ethic” but I felt the tittle was not accurate. Then it was going to be
“proverbial coffee pot” then I typed the words out and found out it was ugly looking. As I stated already-- Work is often open warfare. It is the way they made it. It is their fight and it is silly.

mquest said...

Nelly- I know what you mean. Vignettes are such a fun way to view the world. I think that their may be a life philosophy in hidden in vignette thinking. Thought becomes so focused and economical Of course much thought goes into chiseling jumbled thoughts into a focused idea. But, most importantly they are nothing more than simple observations of the world around us. They are simple views of human nature and the the way you or I view the world when asked to paint a picture.