Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Originally uploaded by mquest foto.
This Tabasco plant was my only pepper plant that made it through the winter. At this size I think it will produce a early and prolific crop.

I do have a Anaheim pepper plant that may spring to life. The Anaheim is almost five years old and I think it is time to rip him out. But, I do see some green peeking through the old hardwood I will continue to water it and see what happens.


Brandon said...

looks good. None of mine have ever, ever, looked that good.

Nam LaMore said...

interesting .. i never gave it a thought that tobasco was made from a tobasco pepper plant. for some reason, i just thought it was ... well, i' not sure.

mquest said...

Brandon and Nam LaMore- The Tabasco plant is a thing of beauty, The plant has upright peppers rather than hanging ones. When it is filled with peppers it is a amazing centerpiece to the garden. ---- I am not all that sure about the history of Tabasco ot where its name came from. I do know that the Tabasco company resides on a land locked “island” and in my opinion makes a rather flavorful product. I prefer their Harbanaro sauce.