Sunday, April 24, 2005

April showers--

Today the weather stayed damp enough for the snails to travel across the yard. In the morning we will see what damage they did to my nice plants.


Nam LaMore said...

well, i've worked out a haiku in homage of the tobasco plant:

Rubbing eyes til red
Stings mind until numbed and dumbed
Water, where is she?

mquest said...

She is a harsh mistress

monster said...

Slugs will drink beer and stay away from your plants. Pour leftover amount from a bottle into a low cap or saucer. Or there is always Sluggo- but I assuming you didn't want to use that.

Nam LaMore said...

left over beer?!? that sounds wasteful!

Irina Tsukerman said...

But there's nothing like drunk slugs! It's something definitely worth seeing! ; )

mquest said...

Monster- The beer idea is a good idea. I have used it in the past with luck. Have you ever noticed that all the gardening book say “ale” rather than “beer”? I think (know) that the dog would drink it up.

Nam Lamore- It is not a waste of beer if you use the cheep crap beer. I can think of no other use for “natural lite” beer.

Ira- Drink slugs are the life of the party.