Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Between jobs and with out a work identity

One should never tie themselves and their identity to a job. Luckily I have never fallen to that trap. But, now after about 18 years I am officially not working and between jobs---- I can not envision my next job. I can not see myself going to work in a different place. I feel lost.

Nothing to worry about. I have a job lined up. I start several weeks of paid training next Monday and have money coming from my last job. I have a new wardrobe of business casual clothing and a fresh haircut.
(The cheep non leather vinyl shoes may kill me)

My new job will have set Monday-Friday hours. This should be a step up from my old jobs chaotic hours. But, this means I will no longer be able to take Mquest Jr. to preschool. I will be forced to miss out on all the cool things in his life that he does during the week. :(

But, I will be able to get my sleep patterns back to a more normal pattern.

Sadly- I will not get any medical benefits for the first 90 days. To keep the family insured I will have to pay for Cobra at $660 a month. :(


SnakeHairedGirl said...

Don't know what kind of insurance you need, but you can get short-term, high deductible from Anthem that is not so pricey. And I apologize for sounding like a spam comment.

SnakeHairedGirl said...

OH yeah, and good luck with the new job. I feel sad for my husband having to miss so much of our son's day time/work week stuff, too.

Michelle said...

Hiya, Thanks for the guestbook comment. Congrats to you too on your new job! I'm sorry I've missed reading lately - and missed posting condolences to you on the loss of your FIL. Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my FIL's death, I know it's hard. :(

Jack's Shack said...

Med insurance is so expensive, but so important.