Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Founding Fathers in my eyes

Many people seem to like to ask what would the founding fathers do. So I decided to re-read Ben Franklin's auto biography. Some of my notes on what he would do and suggest. Inoculate/vaccinate your children. Own a printing press. Give up the gold standard and print money. Printing money is a good idea if you own the press that prints it for the government. The dude that owns the printing press can shape public policy by telling people what to think. Always give money to charity and churches. Never attend church as the preacher only wants job security and is kind worthless when it comes to lame sermons. Do not call them taxes but make sure people pay for great service like hospitals, libraries and fire departments. Public work projects like street repair keep society civil and moving foreword. The rich unfairly write laws so they do not have to pay their fair share. Any businessmen that does not do business in multiple languages is a complete idiot.

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