Monday, February 13, 2006

Guns and Power

Dick Cheney shot and injured a millionaire Texas lawyer. If we can get Dick Cheney to shoot a few more lawyers I just might start to like him.


drublood said...

Dude...where are you? You doing OK??

mquest's brother said...

Drublood (et all)- The reason mquest has not posted in over three weeks is (in part) because he is depressed. His digital camera broke. To misquote him (for dramatic purposes), "[He] sees no point in living anymore." But there is hope. Mrs. mquest has sent the camera off to be repaired. So I'm sure he'll start posting a plethora of pictures and posts as soon as the camera is returned to him. I hope this clears up any questions or concerns.

- mquest's brother

P.S. I told him if he didn't tell you all this himself then I would have to (even though I never post comments) and that was a week ago. Sorry bro, you made me do it.

Andrea said...

the camera excuse doesn't cut it - what, did his quote machine break too??